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About Smart City

Projects Under Nagpur Smart City

Sr.No.Project Name
1 Suyojit Pardi-Bharatwada-Punapur (Town Planning Scheme)
2 Design and construction of Roads, Bridges, Culverts, Sidewalks, MEP works on TenderSURE Concept for ABD area under Nagpur Smart City Project
3 MOVE PEOPLE Initiative (E-Buses)
4 Smart Bus Shelters
5 Share a Bike
6 E-Rickshaws
7 Automated MLCP at Pardi
8 Home Sweet Home
9 Shikhshit & Niramay Pardi Bharatwada & Punapur (School & Hospital in ABD area)
10 Kaushal PBP area (Skill Development Centre)
11 Public Market Place-1
12 Public Market Place-2
13 Public Gardens and Landscaping
14 Zero Garbage Society
15 Smart Trash Bins
16 Project Green Light
17 Rainwater Harvesting
18 Project Suraksha App
19 Project "Attractive Public Realm" and public art installation
20 Selection of Master system Integrator (MSI) for ICT Interventions under Pan City Solution
21 Nirmal Nag River Project (Nag River Pollution Abatement Project)